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Hand-Crafted Flutes by Robert

Hand crafted flutes by Robert.

Robert crafts flutes by using the finest hardwoods, including African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Kingwood and native Irish timber e.g, Yew Tree. He incorporates  Sterling silver for the rings and tuning slides, ensuring both quality and elegance.


Robert uses the best hardwoods available in African Blackwood, cocobolo, Kingwood and native Irish timber e.g, Yew Tree.  Sterling silver is used to make rings and tuning slides are part of them .

Hand-crafted flutes by Robert, made from premium hardwoods like African Blackwood and native Irish Yew Tree. Featuring sterling silver rings and tuning slides, these flutes offer exceptional sound quality for students, amateurs, and professionals.   Despite their elemental design, they are highly sought after by some of the world’s finest musicians and flute teachers.

Exclusive Availability
Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of Robert’s hand-crafted flutes, available exclusively at our shop in Gorey, Co. Wexford. We invite musicians, teachers, and students to visit us, experience the exceptional craftsmanship firsthand, and play our finely crafted instruments. Whether you are a professional musician, a dedicated teacher, or an enthusiastic student, experience the unmatched quality and sound of our unique flutes in person.

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Hand-crafted flutes by Robert
Hand-crafted flutes by Robert